Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Re-usable Face Scrubbies.

It's been such a long time since I've written a blog post.  Mainly I think because I've discovered Instagram and I now have a smart phone!  I know.....amazing.  The phone was a gift from my two daughters, along with personal phone lessons - very patiently delivered too.

I wanted to pop in here because Rhonda from Down to Earth has written a gorgeous blog post about my hand made face scrubbies.  I truly feel honoured.  She has also linked to our local refill shop, Triskele Bodycrafts run by Brooke who stocks all sorts of yummy body products.

Rhonda is the author of Down to Earth and The Simple Home and is a gentle voice bringing guidance and awareness to those wishing for a simpler life.  Rhonda and the Down to Earth community have been instrumental in helping me to slow down, make from scratch, grow my own and consider my authenticity in the world. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The 'Rosie' Skirt.

This is the third but probably not last of my skirt drafting explorations, the 'Rosie' skirt.  This one has a waistband and a side button closure and is made out of faux suede which was a new fabric for me to try, and just a bit of fun.

Unfortunately the side button closure wasn't a long enough opening for me to get into the skirt comfortably so it's also got a centre back invisible zipper......and I thought I had no butt!

One of my most favourite things in life is taking delayed timer selfies.  Truly.  

To get the camera to focus, I have to first set up my dressmaker's mannequin 'Florence' into position, then during the ten second delay before the camera takes a shot, I have to fling her on the bed out of sight and jump into the frame.....all while looking as though I'm having the time of my life.  

Oh I just love it. 

Woops, bit too slow.

Back up a bit Nellie.

Ok, now smile.

That's it....almost.

Next time breathe in.

(There has to be an easier way).

Monday, 5 March 2018

A 'Laura' Skirt.

First things first.  My laptop has decided not to read SD cards any more so until I can get it looked at, I'm limited to my phone.  And for reasons yet to be discovered (by me anyway) my phone doesn't like to take very clear shots. 

Never mind, onward and upward. 

The second project in Cal Patch's 'Design-It-Yourself Clothes' book is the Laura skirt.  This skirt is also a basic A-Line but instead of darts for the waist shaping, a curved waist band is drafted.

The waistband comes to a point in the front which is very hard to see in these photos....thank you phone.

Maybe a little bit clearer?

There is also a ruffle on the bottom of the skirt, which in the book is quite....err.....ruffly.  Between the V-shaped waistband and the ruffle, the style of the skirt seems a little bit Western, which is not really my cup of tea, or shot of scotch.  Anyway I made the ruffle quite narrow so hopefully I don't look like a 'Quick-Draw-McGraw' Cowgirl. 

Now....the butterfly fabric.  Hmmm.

Usually when I am trying out new patterns, my go-to place for economical fabric is the specials table in the upholstery section of Spotlight.  Fabrics can be as little as $1 per metre.  I know....cheap as chips.  Perfect for a wearable muslin.  However, given that this year all of my patterns are going to be self-drafted, all of them a trial and all needing muslins, I am in grave danger of giving new meaning to my 'Von Trapp Collection'.

I'm going to try and buy some plain colours.  I promise.