Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Am I ready for the Bibbulmun?

Next weekend I'm off to do a two day walk on the Bibbulmun track with a couple of friends.  I've been getting ready for the trip by going for walks locally to see how my sparkling new hiking boots perform, and also trying to get used to carrying piles of 'stuff' in my backpack.  I was quite enthusiastic until someone told me how cold it was going to be and that I'd need thermal underwear......I thought......"Woolly undies?.....I don't think so!"

As a bit of practice, last weekend a friend and I walked from the Greenough Rivermouth along the beach to Mount Tarcoola, trying out our gear.  We sat for a bit on the beach while I sketched - drinking our filtered water, munching on our very nutritious and carefully packed snacks and complaining that we didn't have copious amounts of rough red to drown our sorrows after the killer trek we had just completed!  We were rolling about the beach laughing because we were hot, exhausted, red faced and thinking that thermal underwear would be just enough to tip us over the edge of sanity.

It actually seemed like a really good idea at the time to get dropped off at the Greenough, and walk back along the beach....."Couple of hours, tops" we said to each other.  Big mistake.  We finally arrived back (after dragging ourselves up a verrry steep hill) about four hours after we left, completely buggered, and in dire need of electrolytes!  My esteemed colleague completely devoured a packet of salted peanuts (and she doesn't even eat salt) and several slices of toast and vegemite in a bid to rectify whatever was missing from her sad bod.  I wonder how we'll go with the  'real deal' next weekend?

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