Saturday, 24 November 2012

Skirt number two

Ok, I'm really on a roll now.

This skirt is made from a retro print cotton and has a 'mock wrap' front.  We had to design our own skirt this time from the pattern we drafted a couple of weeks ago.  A 'mock wrap' is about as adventurous as I could manage this time round.....but watch this space.........I think I'm just starting to warm up.

I've trimmed the wrap part with some red homespun and a little bit of the Napthol dyed fabric from Semester  one, cut on the bias with a raw edge, so it will fray just the right amount without getting all 'stringy'.
Does it sound like I know what I'm talking about yet?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautifully Bound Pockets.

We've just finished drafting a personalised skirt pattern from our own measurements, (with the expert tuition of our textile lecturer Gera of course).  This is a shot of me wearing my new custom fitted skirt with the most amazing bound pockets.  

What's even more amazing is that I haven't completely lost what remains of my composure after taking three attempts to get the pockets right.  The actual 'bound' part worked just great!  So great in fact that I was very reluctant to add the pocket part, except that I would've had a skirt with two skinny slits in the front of it (like someone trying to squint).  Attempt number one had the pockets joined only to the upper bound section, so that when you put your hand in, you completely missed the pocket altogether........ok if you wanted a bit of a scratch I guess.  This is a common mistake I'm told......(the pocket not the scratching).  After two more attempts I finally have workable pockets, although I'm not so sure about all those zig-zagged raw edges showing on the inside.  

The good thing is, I now have a baseline from which I can only improve!  

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Time to get serious.

I've been 'off the air' again for a while.  So flat out with Tafe.  All work is due to be submitted in a coupe of weeks and I still have waaaay too much to do.  Therefore I do believe....ahem......that it's time to get serious. 

Time to set the lounge room up as Headquarters Central.'s all systems go.  It looks so serene and peaceful in there on a Sunday morning. doesn't it?  Poor little has no idea what's about to happen!

I wonder if I should put a bar fridge in there too?  (Yeah....I reckon I should!)