Sunday, 11 November 2012

Time to get serious.

I've been 'off the air' again for a while.  So flat out with Tafe.  All work is due to be submitted in a coupe of weeks and I still have waaaay too much to do.  Therefore I do believe....ahem......that it's time to get serious. 

Time to set the lounge room up as Headquarters Central.'s all systems go.  It looks so serene and peaceful in there on a Sunday morning. doesn't it?  Poor little has no idea what's about to happen!

I wonder if I should put a bar fridge in there too?  (Yeah....I reckon I should!)


Anonymous said...

yes because you might need to keep a tub of butter on hand!!!
hahaha - good luck on that looming deadline, sue x

Fran Ponta said...

Yes I think I'll take our lecturer's advice and 'pare down' a little.....or I might need more than butter!