Monday, 27 February 2012

Photography class.

I've started photography classes at Tafe.  Finally I get to learn about my new camera.  I'm so excited.

Yay look Louise, I'm doing it!

Our first assignment is black and white portraiture.....

..............and Nigel-no-friends is taking photos of herself.

My hands are just like Mum's.  My mum's hands have been creating beautiful things for almost 85 years.
I've never really thought of that before.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bloom True - the 'sisters'

Ok.  The ugly stepsisters are no longer ugly.  They're not even stepsisters any more....just the 'sisters'.  I'm having fun again, thank goodness.  What a week this has been!

A couple of cropped sections.....just to amuse myself really.  Because I can.  And because I'm not working any more and have all the time in the world to MAKE ART!!
Want me to repeat that?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bloom True - Ugly Stepsisters

The next layer is adding value contrast with black and white, and adding coloured glazes with fingertips.  Since completing this layer, my two canvases have 'fondly' been called the Ugly Stepsisters, and consequently haven't had any further work done on them.  And I can barely bring myself to take any shots of them either...........I think they're developing personalities myself.
I reversed into my daughter's car on the weekend with our 4WD and did quite a bit of damage to both cars.  When I came inside so upset with myself, I said to the Ugly Stepsisters (who were sitting on the easel smirking at me I swear) "OH SHUT UP!!"  Flora said we'd have some emotional turmoil over this 5 weeks, but I didn't think my two beloved canvases would turn into a couple of right bitches.

They look meek and mild enough don't they?  But be warned, don't let them fool you - there's definitely something nasty going on.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bloom True - Third Layer

Now I'm even confusing myself, which isn't all that hard to do with so many colours and layers.  From now on, I'm going to call these Canvas 1 & Canvas 2 - that might help do you think?

Anyway they've both just had the third layer, warm colours again and choosing techniques from the second layer randomly without thinking about it too much (and no standing back to contemplate what's going on either).

Just enjoy the painting and 'play' (which is the theme for this week).

Canvas 1 is the painting that started with the wishy-washy sprayed and sponged background..........

.........and Canvas 2 is the one with the first layer that was 'finger painted' while blindfolded.

Excellent - no more confusion.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bloom True - Second Layer.

Layer two completed.


This time we had to work with cool colours only and experiment with different types of mark making such as using sponges, twirling the brush handle while painting, fingertip stamping, etching, running our paint covered fingertips down the canvas as 'raindrops' and stamping with items such as bottle tops and lids.

This weeks theme is 'intuition' and we're completing exercises in breathing, yoga, meditation, and learning to tap into our intuition before starting to paint. 

I've got to admit (weird as it may sound) that I'm really loving this painting without any expectation at all of the outcome.  It feels so different to the normal carefully considered way of painting.........looks different too - ha!  I'm normally such an 'anal annie' but this way is much more fun, (plus I have no life).  

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What fabulous colour!

What is the most sensible thing to do when you are just embarking on a new budgeting adventure?

Spend what's left of the 'housekeeping' on a tray of mangoes of course.

(How could I help it?....look at that colour).

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bloom True - first layer.

Ok the first layer is down.

For the first canvas (the one on the bottom) we had to lay the canvas on the floor, sprinkle drops of paint from above and spray with water, then smear around with a sponge brush, (ya reckon?!!)  In the second canvas (top) we had to put some music on, blindfold ourselves and paint with our hands.  All working in warm colours only.

Looks like a great start doesn't it?  The next layer we work with cool colours only and experiment with different types of mark-making.  Great fun.......I've taken the phone off the hook just in case I get inundated with requests for commissions.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bloom True

This week I started the 'Bloom True' e-course with Flora Bowley.  The class runs for five weeks and each week has a theme.  Week 1 - Intuition, Week 2 - Play, Week 3 - Your Inspiring Life, Week 4 - Being Brave and Week 5 - Blooming True.  There are two painting lessons per week, and a variety of other exercises including journaling, exploring, connecting, sketching and dreaming.  There's people participating from all over the big happy family of 'Bloomers'!

There are posts six days per week with each day having a different theme such as 'The art of life' and 'Soulful explorations' and there's even some yoga and meditation included.  So If I'm not totally calm and blissed-out by the end of five weeks.....there'll be something wrong!

Our tasks so far have been some breathing exercises, to collect our art supplies from the list provided and to prepare our area ready to paint.

Hmmm, could I possibly fit any more into my little 'honkey-hole' in the corner of our living space?  

Ohhhhh yes, just keep cramming it in I say....

....and watch your step as you go into the house......

......because the art supplies just keep breeding.  (Look at that fresh pristine canvas).  Exciting.

You can read more about Flora Bowley here.