Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bloom True - Ugly Stepsisters

The next layer is adding value contrast with black and white, and adding coloured glazes with fingertips.  Since completing this layer, my two canvases have 'fondly' been called the Ugly Stepsisters, and consequently haven't had any further work done on them.  And I can barely bring myself to take any shots of them either...........I think they're developing personalities myself.
I reversed into my daughter's car on the weekend with our 4WD and did quite a bit of damage to both cars.  When I came inside so upset with myself, I said to the Ugly Stepsisters (who were sitting on the easel smirking at me I swear) "OH SHUT UP!!"  Flora said we'd have some emotional turmoil over this 5 weeks, but I didn't think my two beloved canvases would turn into a couple of right bitches.

They look meek and mild enough don't they?  But be warned, don't let them fool you - there's definitely something nasty going on.

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