Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bloom True

This week I started the 'Bloom True' e-course with Flora Bowley.  The class runs for five weeks and each week has a theme.  Week 1 - Intuition, Week 2 - Play, Week 3 - Your Inspiring Life, Week 4 - Being Brave and Week 5 - Blooming True.  There are two painting lessons per week, and a variety of other exercises including journaling, exploring, connecting, sketching and dreaming.  There's people participating from all over the world......one big happy family of 'Bloomers'!

There are posts six days per week with each day having a different theme such as 'The art of life' and 'Soulful explorations' and there's even some yoga and meditation included.  So If I'm not totally calm and blissed-out by the end of five weeks.....there'll be something wrong!

Our tasks so far have been some breathing exercises, to collect our art supplies from the list provided and to prepare our area ready to paint.

Hmmm, could I possibly fit any more into my little 'honkey-hole' in the corner of our living space?  

Ohhhhh yes, just keep cramming it in I say....

....and watch your step as you go into the house......

......because the art supplies just keep breeding.  (Look at that fresh pristine canvas).  Exciting.

You can read more about Flora Bowley here.

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