Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Sketchbook Project.

A while back I joined 'The Sketchbook Project'.  It's a collaborative project where artists from all over the world submit a small sketchbook to be included in one large exhibition.  Each artist chooses a theme from the list provided or they can have a theme chosen for them.  My theme is 'It's Summer where you are'.  The sketchbooks are quite small, approx 5" x 7" and have thin paper, although they can be rebound with different paper if you like.  

The project was initially started so that artists could have a window into how other artists work, their processes and thoughts, and to also have an opportunity to be exposed to the sketchbooks of artists from all over the world.  Some people have turned their little sketchbook into a real work of art, some have just used it as a notebook and other sketchbooks have been completed by children.  The exhibition will be travelling to several different countries including Australia (Melbourne) in 2012, before returning to be housed in it's permanent home, the Brooklyn Art Library.

This last week I've kept my little sketchbook with me the whole time so that I can capture a week of Summer.  I've decided not to stress about it, but just to document one week of a Summer life in Geraldton as best I can.  I've jotted down notes, a few quick watercolours (not the best paper for water media though), and generally just used the sketchbook as I would use the regular notebook/journal that I always have with me.  I've had fun jotting down bits and pieces of a summer life, including our ridiculously hot weather this week, and the fact that all I seem to do is eat.  This somehow wasn't apparent until I started to document my days.........how come I didn't know that before?  Any wonder I'm 'The Comeback Queen' at Weight Watchers.

As far as I can see on the Website, (the Sketchbook website not Weight Watchers!) there are no other submissions from Geraldton WA (yet) but maybe we'll have more submissions from our beautiful little spot on the earth next round?

You can find out more about the project on their website  here or on their facebook page here.

Here are a few of the pages of my sketchbook.....but be warned, there are a lot of them.  I don't think they're all that crash hot, but as I've been told several times......it's all about the process and the experience.  Isn't that right?

I had to put this last one in.  It was pretty exciting to receive my own little sketchbook, all the way from America!

The finished sketchbook has been posted off this morning, back to the Brooklyn Art Library.
Safe travels little sketchbook.


Anonymous said...

What a great project to be a part of. AND......Fran, your sketches are amazing! I had no idea. Just beautiful. sue :)

Fran Ponta said...

Thankyou Sue! Fun, scary and exciting all at the same time to be part of a collaborative project. (Even in a small way!)