Thursday, 19 January 2012

Quickie Christmas Journal.

I have put together some of our Christmas cards and a few mini-photos into a 'quickie' journal.  Nothing elaborate, just enough to keep our memories of a happy time & fun few days together as a family, safe and in one place.  
It's so quick and easy to do....just a two hole punch and a couple of large rings from Jackson's and you're done.

I peeled the labels off some of our drinks (like I'm ever going to forget what to buy).

Our menu when we get together is often quite odd.  We have a 'rule' that everyone gets to pick one thing that they'd really like - I make it (that doesn't change!) and we take pot luck whether we end up with dishes that 'go together'. If they don't, it doesn't really matter because each person gets one of their favourite things.  I wanted something 'lemmony' & refreshing which I found in the freebie Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  
Oh look, there's our little happy dog again.

One of our daughters made some yummy flavoured syrups for us to put in our coffee.  Gloria Jean's has nothing on our family. 

Boxing Day fun down the beach, trying out our kayaking and paddle boarding skills, of which there were many..........especially by the male contingent with their skylarking and jumping in the water right by our kayaks. Oh very funny. (We still didn't fall out).
And New Year's eve....the girls in all their finery and ready to party.

So, there you have it............goodbye Christmas..............until next year.   

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