Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bloom True - first layer.

Ok the first layer is down.

For the first canvas (the one on the bottom) we had to lay the canvas on the floor, sprinkle drops of paint from above and spray with water, then smear around with a sponge brush, (ya reckon?!!)  In the second canvas (top) we had to put some music on, blindfold ourselves and paint with our hands.  All working in warm colours only.

Looks like a great start doesn't it?  The next layer we work with cool colours only and experiment with different types of mark-making.  Great fun.......I've taken the phone off the hook just in case I get inundated with requests for commissions.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha it could happen Fran! It really could. sue

Fran Ponta said...

Can you imagine? "Good morning Madam....I dare say I'm a little partial to abstract orange juice".