Friday, 17 February 2012

Bloom True - Second Layer.

Layer two completed.


This time we had to work with cool colours only and experiment with different types of mark making such as using sponges, twirling the brush handle while painting, fingertip stamping, etching, running our paint covered fingertips down the canvas as 'raindrops' and stamping with items such as bottle tops and lids.

This weeks theme is 'intuition' and we're completing exercises in breathing, yoga, meditation, and learning to tap into our intuition before starting to paint. 

I've got to admit (weird as it may sound) that I'm really loving this painting without any expectation at all of the outcome.  It feels so different to the normal carefully considered way of painting.........looks different too - ha!  I'm normally such an 'anal annie' but this way is much more fun, (plus I have no life).  

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