Monday, 27 August 2012

Tactile Art

The past couple of weeks at Tafe we have been looking at how our different senses are used to understand and appreciate art.  We had a fun exercise in class involving the sense of smell - and with a honker like mine, I got my fair share of those smells let me tell you.
I got into trouble for peeking into the sealed containers, and leading the Cert II students astray.  Apparently as a Cert IV, I should have known better, which just set me off into fits of giggles (ok I admit I should have known better, and should just grow up.......but it was pretty funny).

For homework we had to produce some 'tactile' art.

I googled it to make sure I was on the right track.  Don't want to be in trouble again.......
Tactile Art - 'that work which can be seen through the touch of fingertips is Tactile Art'.  



I wonder if these can be 'seen' through the touch of fingertips?

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