Friday, 11 January 2013

Home Made Soap

I've spent the last 12 months since finishing work, cleaning, de-cluttering and generally simplifying our lives. Then by chance I stumbled across a fabulous blog the other day here which prompted me to make a batch of soap of all things (yes I know....go figure).

I already had all the ingredients needed for a plain vegetable soap, plus I put a little fragrance into it so it smells just divine!  The finished soap is very rustic because I had to fight it out of the Tupperware container I used for a mold.  Why I didn't think to line the container with baking paper or something is beyond me.  Although 'rustic' works for me. 

Anyway take a look........ 

It works too!  Lovely and creamy and soft.  I can't wait to make the next batch.

(I think I must be reverting back to my hippie days!)


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your soap making Fran!... and the fact you did it at all!! I love the blog you linked to. I can imagine you as a hippie!! Sue x

Fran Ponta said...

Yes I was a pretty good Hippie Sue.....gave it my heart and soul!