Monday, 26 August 2013

Rant over

Ok rant over.  I'm over it.

This appeared on Facebook and it pretty much says it all.  Must have been a message!

Lots of people get tired and can't find clean socks or a couple of stray rissoles....right?  No need to carry on about it.

I've just had the best weekend.  Lunch with one of my gorgeous daughters for her birthday on Saturday.  Plenty of 'me time' on Sunday. Sewing, knitting, art making and letter writing.  Sitting by a beautiful log fire in my Jim-jams.

PS  Just for the record, last time I 'copied and pasted' a quote from Facebook, it disappeared from my Blog a little while later. If it happens again......sorry!


Cindy L. said...

Your blog is absolutely fantastic! Have you thought about making it into a book? I don't know if the sale is still going on but my friend just used Blog2Print to make a book. She typed in SUMMEREND (or SUMMEREND15) and got a 15% discount!

Fran Ponta said...

What a lovely thing to say! Very uplifting as I head out to work....feeling like one of the seven dwarfs! Yes I've had a little look at Blog2print before, although wasn't aware of the current discount. I might follow that up...mainly so I can have a record myself (for when I'm old and grumpy!) Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

Anonymous said...

soooooooo good!
sue x

Fran Ponta said...

Yes, isn't it?!