Sunday, 6 October 2013

Allergic to cats apparently?

I've been looking after my daughter's little cat while she's on holidays with her beautiful man in Bali.  I'm allergic to cats so it's a bit of an 'episode' most days.  My routine for the first couple of days...and this took some planning!...I fill the kitchen sink with hot soapy water ready to wash my hands after each time I touch something, get the tissues out and put them on the bench ready for the inevitable sneezing fit, (and make sure there's a toilet roll handy!) keep the front door open for fresh air and have my Ventolin inhaler stuffed into my bra ready for 'Quick Draw McGraw'.

Funnily enough, my nose has been behaving (honestly it looks more dangerous than it is) and I've only had a couple of sneezing fits.  Most days I get to enjoy an A M A Z I N G coffee from the coffee machine, which I've only just figured out how to operate despite detailed written instructions, (my daughter knows me too well) while I get to have lots of fun with this adorable little cat.

Waiting for me to get dinner..."C'mon slow's just a tin can for goodness sakes!"

"Like my pretty bow?"

"Where did that little red light go?  Oh...I'm on to I'm invisible...and this is my silent stealth creep" 

"Ok now it's disappeared again...hmmm...I need to keep a vigilant watch."


"And just for the record Miss Marple...I don't pounce until I'm good and ready...I'm just plain sick and tired of slipping on the tiles!"

I thought cats were know...cats.  But it would appear that they are also silent and conscientious investigators of paranormal sightings.

Can you guess who has been having more fun?

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Her eyes are stunning.