Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Back to the X-rated info.

My lovely daughter Megan...knower of all things technical...well mostly, has explained what happened with the X-rated 'hits' on my Blog.  Apparently when there is a lot of activity on a blog, little robots, blogbots, steampunk-wearing-fusebots...or whatever they are, target high activity Blogs and try to gather something (I forget what she said) and use that info to get traffic to their own site.  Or something like that?  So....they're not real people being creepy, just blogbots!
Anyway,  I'm no longer worried.  I'm just going to blog to my little heart's content.   

Thank you Meegle.


Anonymous said...

yeah little blogbots with binoculars.
they are looking through the binoculars and saying phwoooaaar look at that dishcloth and cop a look at that soap!
heehee, you know I'm a visual person Fran,

Fran Ponta said...

Ha Ha! Yeah. Check out that KNITTING - OMG!