Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Upcycled Canvas Bag

I'm just popping these images onto the blog so that I have a record of all of my 'makes', whether they're easy and fun or a bit more adventurous.

This one belongs to the 'fun' category.

A little up-cycling job on a Jackson's canvas bag.

It was made for Christmas for a very lovely friend, and the peace sign, heart and wings that I appliqu├ęd on were chosen to symbolise 'Peace, Love and Hope'.  

The finished bag was used as a fun wrapping for a Jewelled Slice, made from tropical dried fruits and nuts soaked in copious amounts of alcohol....yum.  I never did hear whether the slice made it home in one piece after our boisterous night out partying, laughing and gift giving.  Hopefully the bag did it's job!

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