Monday, 1 May 2017

The ibis story.

We had such a fabulous time in Coral Bay, but I must admit it was lovely to feel the cool fresh air as we drove back into town.  Arriving home is always a bit of a relief really, after all the adventures on the sand dunes, the scorching sunny days, bugs biting anything that's exposed, grasshopper plagues and just too much food and alcohol, it's good to get home safely in one piece.

As we pulled into our driveway it really was lovely to experience the beautiful half light of dusk and see such a generous sprinkling of rose petals strewn across the driveway.  Awwww.....Autumn is here.

Waking up in my own bed is a bit of a novelty.   A big yawn and stretch.......followed by a leisurely wander out to the garden in the early morning sun.


What's that?!

We have a scarecrow in our front yard?  With a lampshade for a head?

Oh.  I get it.  This is a dream.  Scarecrows, birds, rose petals, alcohol, sunshine, fun.

Erm.......maybe not.

They're not rose petals on the driveway either.

It's poop.  Ibis poop.  Set like concrete.

And the roof of the house looks like it's been snowing.


Our yard has been taken over by a flock of seven renegade ibis.  Our neighbours have been doing whatever they can to deter them but apparently ibis can be very obstinate indeed.

They like it at our house.

They even like the backyard scarecrow.  They just sit on the pool fence and stare at him with glee in their little black twinkling eyes.

I have no frogs left in my pond either.  Ibis beaks are long and deadly.

I do however have friendly, creative neighbours and a willing and enthusiastic husband.

So this is the latest in hand crafted ibis deterrent technology.

Mick races out the door at a moments notice (quite often only in his 'shorts') and runs around the yard yelling like a madman, banging and crashing his 'ibis deterring hardware'.  

It sounds like a corroboree.

Looks like one too.

Isn't retirement supposed to be calm, peaceful, serene, full of meaning and fulfilment?  A simple life?



Home Is My Haven said...

Oh the vision. Great post, you have me smiling.

Your neighbors sound wonderful too.


DEB H said...

Fran very funny image, mad man bashing thing. Ibis are a pain to have around. Hope the time away was enjoyed.

Fran Ponta said...

Yes everyone wants to live in our street Kylie! We have a lot of fun.

Fran Ponta said...

Deb we had a great time away. Now it's time to settle down and get everything back in order......including the ibis (and husband!)

RobynLouise said...

Roflol, Go Mick! Years ago I used to crack a stockwhip in the yard to scare away the orange thieving crows. Worked wonderfully. However I lived in the country, the nearest house was about a kilometre away, and stockwhip cracking was a standard as everyone owned beef cattle. Do you think a tin can wind chime would work?

Fran Ponta said...

They are slowly starting to leave RobynLouise....thank goodness. I was about to ask if I could borrow your stockwhip!