Sunday, 29 May 2011


I dream of spending long whole luxurious days just 'making art', however usually only manage the tiniest squeak of time in amongst my real life.  This weekend my creativity was expressed by the monumental decision of whether to plant my vegie seedlings into rows or clumps........clumps won.
Hmmmm....nicely arranged clumps.

Gee look at those poor snails, victims of the dreaded snail pellet.  I really do have to find a kinder solution to protect my seedlings.  All the neighbourhood snails are at our place.  My neighbour treads on her snails (and she wears steel capped boots).  I'm sure they know, because some frosty mornings when I go out the front, all the snails are facing our place.......heading across the driveway to our yard.  I'm sure they're trying to squelch their little selves to safety.  I've even been more sensitive to their plight since I read a brief book review - something about a wild snail eating.  Perhaps I should have called this post 'snails'?

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