Friday, 6 May 2011


It has taken me nearly TWO HOURS to figure out how to find my Blog again (does Blog have a capital B?) and get some photos off my camera and onto the computor. I still have to figure out how to get them onto my Blog. I wrote down the instructions too.....hmmm....not detailed enough obviously.

I went to the Fairbridge Music Festival on the weekend with some girls. We camped in a tent on the oval - 'cosy camping' for four - we were told the tents looked like cartoon tents but were very comfy, really? Not as comfy as the tee-pees belonging to our neighbours I bet.

The Festival is all about world and folk music, but the food....was.....amazing. I lined up at the raw food van so many times it was embarrassing. The raw cheesecake, smoothies and chocolate bliss balls were to die for. I think I'll have to become a raw foodie.

By the way, there ARE other hippies out there.

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