Sunday, 11 September 2011

Nearly time for a new journal.

My little 'freebie' journal (free with a packet of pencils) is nearing it's end.  It has a very cool suede cover, which became incredibly grubby within about a week, so I tried to camouflage the dirt with a stencil and some glimmermist, and promised myself I'd keep it clean.  Not easy.  But I kind of like that it looks as though it's been around a while now.

I began making another journal today.  It's one of Mary Ann Moss's 'Full Tilt Boogie' journals and I've been cutting, glueing and sorting papers nearly all afternoon.  Love it.  I'm just making an everyday journal, but I can't help fiddling and procrastinating about which papers to use.  I love 'making art' so much that I just never want it to end. Like chocolate really........and holidays.

Just getting into it.

Time to choose a cover and thread.
Don't know why this shot is so grainy and rough..........bit like the old books I guess.

Now for the fun part.  (And I get to sit down, that's always good).

This is as far as I got this afternoon.  Pretty cool huh?
Have to stop now and get some of my jobs done, you know the real stuff, like get the washing off the line, cook dinner, get ready for work tomorrow and go feed next door's dog.


Megan Leslianne said...
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Fran Ponta said...

It looks gorgeous and I love the colour. I think I could probably help you make one of those!