Sunday, 27 November 2011

Working in my Bali journal today.

I have been madly trying to get a few things into my little Bali journal before the whole experience just becomes a distant memory.

I took a small Moleskine 8" x 5" watercolour journal with me, thinking I would be sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, drinking the odd Pina Colada and painting exquisite little watercolours.

Very funny.

Most of the time we were frantically racing around trying not to miss any of the fun, shovelling weird and wonderful food down our throats,  drinking anything that sloshed, and feeling decidedly hot and wrecked!

Hence my journal has become a half-baked notebook of snapshots, dockets and memories, quickly jotted down before it all disappears from my pea brain.  Not the amazingly illustrated, riveting to read, worthy of publication travelogue that I intended it to be.  But you get that when you're having fun!

This is as much as I've completed so far........

Yep....there was a Gloria Jean's.  And we loved it too (like we've never seen coffee before).

I tried to enhance this page so that the blue pen could be read, but all I got was a pink background.  I need to improve my technical skill with the computer I think.

Stay tuned.........

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