Thursday, 15 March 2012

John's Farm

This week our class took off to John's farm to put some of our newly acquired photography skills into action . Apart from the really bad directions, which got us lost for over an hour, we had just the best time.

Bouncing along in the back of the ute, heading toward some fun photo taking opportunities.

My poor leather handbag will never be the same..............neither will my bum.

I've never been this close to horses before.

They were so gentle.  It was completely mesmerising.
(Check out the reflection).

Back in the ute.........horizon line not straight (cardinal sin I believe).............numb bum.

"GET OFF MY TURF!"  I'd hate to be a bull.  It would be as boring as anything.

Comforts of home.

......and the sky always that amazing azure blue.

A great day.  I came home tired, with tummy muscles I didn't know I had, bits of hay where you wouldn't believe, heaps of unrecognisable photos and a camera lense covered in horse boogies.  Nice.

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