Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spare Time.

So what do I do with all this spare time that I have?  Well yesterday I practised 'panning'.  Not very successfully either. The aim was to get a crisp foreground and blurred background with a slow shutter speed and panning at the same speed as the moving object - yes I'm still confusing myself (that I was successful at).

To get used to the movement, I spent a ridiculous amount of time hurtling the rolling pin along the kitchen bench and panning across at breakneck speed.  That old rolling pin sure can travel.

Yep, a bit of blur happening.

Once I had figured out what I thought were the right settings, out I went for a bit of clothesline spinning.  No decent shots but managed a few good whacks in the side of the head with a stiff beach towel. 

Wait a minute......maybe that white peg might just be a little weeny bit in focus?

Finally I got up the courage to hit the streets with my camera.

The temperature reached 44 degrees yesterday.  All I got was some dirty looks and a burnt bum from trying to balance on the brick wall outside Good Sammies.  Oh, and a little bit of blur!

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