Saturday, 28 July 2012

A little sewing advice.

I borrowed this from Facebook......

I always enjoy my sewing.

My nanna was a tailoress.  It was pretty serious business.  Whenever we went to visit her she seemed to be always either sewing or 'fitting' her customers.  Her sewing room was upstairs and my sister and I would play dress-ups with all the exquisite fabrics we found in her old tapestry trunk.  Sometimes we would dress up in tulle, satin and high heels (where we got those from I don't know) and slide down the staircase banister to our imaginary awaiting prince charming while the grown-ups were in the dining room having scones....(or something a little more hearty!)

I learnt to sew on an old Singer treadle sewing machine.  It belonged to Mrs Whiting, and for some reason we seemed to have it on a long term loan.  Mrs Whiting was very stern...and really really scary.  I made a fully lined tweed pants suit (real women didn't wear jeans apparently) on that old treadle.  Now I can't even put in a zip without reading the instructions.  Probably the lack of french chalk, powder and lippy.  

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Anonymous said...

Best. post. ever. Loved reading this story.