Friday, 22 February 2013

Fast Moving Silverside.

I finished working a year ago and although I'm just loving being at home, I have been suffering 'the guilts' for most of that time because I'm not bringing in an income.  So I've thrown myself into studying, de-cluttering, growing a vegie patch, cooking wholesome meals, and anything else I can think of to prove my usefulness.  But since reading 'Down to Earth' by Rhonda Hetzel and discovering her blog at Down to Earth a few weeks back, I'm slowly realising that it's actually okay to not be working for an income.  To work in the home is healing, calming, nurturing to the family and very productive. 

I'm actually really enjoying finding my groove in the home.  My appliances however have never seen so much activity.....almost a frenzy in fact.  In the past week my u-beaut Dyson vacuum cleaner has conked out necessitating three trips to Bunnings to find a suitable box to send it away for repairs.  I've also managed to snap the head off my mop with my vigour and enthusiasm (no, I didn't hit an air pocket while riding it thank you very much).

I've once again started cooking from scratch, mostly because it's economical but also because I enjoy it.  I'd forgotten how much pleasure I get from cooking when I've actually got the time (and the energy to stay awake!)

This shot of my beautifully cooked silverside and salad  is certainly not how things started out today though.
I decided to take my time and cook the silverside properly.  You know, use a good old fashioned recipe, let it cool in it's own liquid and then take my time slicing and vacuum packing it so we'd have beautiful moist home cooked cold meat for lunches.......not to mention the dollars saved.  I was certainly a woman with a mission this morning. Everything was going along very nicely until the slippery thing shot off the chopping board at breakneck speed and skidded across the kitchen floor picking up dog hairs and bits of fluff on it's journey (thank you broken Dyson).  The poor old kitchen lino is so shiny, thanks to my new-found enthusiasm for cleaning which knows no boundaries let me tell you.  What started as an almost ethereal, meditative, feel-good cooking session suddenly became a frantic squealing race between me and the dog, which I only won because she did so many wheelies on my shiny lino she became quite disoriented. 


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Hilarious! I can just see you and the dog skidding along both with eyes on the prize and the silverside somersaulting into your arms- victory!!!

And just on the subject of the state of floors....can I just say, you could eat off my kitchen floor. Theres some perfectly good food down there!!
Sue x

Fran Ponta said...

Sounds like our dog would love your competition for a leisurely 'floor cruise'!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... what a scream... Fran 1, Coco 0... better luck next time pooch!!

Fran Ponta said...

Not a chance. Next time the dog will be locked out.....just to give my silverside a free roam of the house.