Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WAMED Festival

Ok, it's been a while.  Don't ask me what happens when I get too busy to blog.  I don't even work full time any more.  Work that one out.

So....on to the subject at hand.  WAMED!

I've searched back through my Blog and am absolutely astounded that I can't find anything that mentions the WAMED Festival.  Imagine that.  Something that has had such an impact on my life and is the most amazing and fun long weekend.  Not a mention.  Shame on me.


The WAMED is the West Australian Middle Eastern Dance Festival.  A week long celebration of all things belly dance. Workshops, international bellydance superstars, unbelievable evening shows, ethnic food to die for (well anything in the city is to die for really.....being a Melbourne girl and all) fabulous costumes, dancing like there's no tomorrow, colour and sparkle, meeting like minded souls, sharing a motel room with LOTS of fun girls, laughing till your face hurts................

Oh and wait....

There's more.

What about the Bazaar.  THE Bazaar.  A shopping experience that can dwarf all other shopping experiences.  Yes even Melbourne ones.  This is where we equip ourselves for the coming year and beyond, with amazing custom designed dancing attire, comfy stretch street wear, funky pre-loved tit-bits and everything in between.  Have I made it sound like fun yet?  Believe me, it's fun with a capital 'F'!  This year I bought some floral stretch burnout velvet dance pants that almost defy description.  Paisley.  OMG.

The WAMED is also where we gain the courage to become 'who we are'.  Workshops are not only about the dance and learning another choreography.  They  also focus on subjects like health and diet, personal growth, chakras, spiritual development, and what it means to belong to a sisterhood.

I also learnt how to make a 'bum ruffle'!!  Here's a couple of shots of one I made for a friend.  She's a 'Bollywood girl' at heart so even though I made the ruffle in a tribal print (because I was shown how to make it from a tribal dancer, and I love tribal style dance)......I made a really bright Bolly coloured one!
I love it, and so does my friend......(just as well).  

taking photos of myself as usual........
(Nigel no friends).

I made the flower on a clip that can be worn either on the outfit or in the hair.  I like it on the outfit......because I've hardly got any hair!  When did that happen I wonder?

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