Thursday, 6 February 2014

Horrocks Beach

Horrocks holds such beautiful and fun memories for our family.  It was the furthest place that we felt our old Holden could travel to all those years ago when our girls were little.  Now that we have a more modern car...albeit an almost 20 year old peeling Prado...we generally travel a little bit further afield. But for the recent Australia Day long weekend we thought we'd just revisit familiar territory.

So happy we did.

Waiting patiently for the fishermen to bring in their crayfish catch for the day.

This is the very same old wooden jetty where two sweet and innocent little girls (who shall remain nameless) came up with a plan.  Unbeknown to their parents, they were catching blowfish with their brand spanking new fishing lines, and 'serving' them back into the water with their tennis racquets!  They thought the whole thing was just screamingly funny (obviously they take after their father). 

Nothing at all has changed.  It was like taking a step back in time.  Even the old squeaky wooden door on the general store is the same!  Blows my mind.

Such serenity in an otherwise hectic world.
Thank you Horrocks.

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