Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A journal for Urban Sketching

I have such a lot of trouble starting a new journal and even a new page sometimes.

I just sit there and look at it without actually putting pen to paper because I don't want to mess it up.

It's called 'blank page syndrome'.  Truly.  There's even a name for it!

So to get over this I decided to make a really crappy journal.  A journal that I don't even like.  One that I'll be glad to see the back of.  That way I'll be sure to use the damn thing and not fuss over it.

Introducing the 'Boring as Batshit Brown Journal'........

Made from used envelopes, remnant papers from other projects, wrappings from parcels received in the mail, shop soiled and damaged papers that the girls from Jackson's have thrown my way and a dreadful old brown Reader's Digest cover that I don't even like.

This deceivingly pretty orange paper has bats on the reverse.

Bats?  What was I thinking?

(Ha Ha...I've just realised...'Boring as Batshit Journal!  Get it?)

I'm going to leave this journal in the car so it's always at the ready for Urban Sketching.

Listen to me..."Urban Sketching"...like I know what I'm talking about! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Sketcher

I am ready for you and your journal.
Bring it.

signed Urban

Fran Ponta said...

It's in the car waiting!!