Sunday, 2 March 2014

Painting in the Garden.

I had the whole day to myself today, so I decided to try out one of the new little Mont Marte sketchbooks that a friend and I had thought was a really good buy.  A whole book for less than the cost of one sheet of watercolour paper.  Bargain!  I bought seven.  I couldn't help it...that classy little landscape format was just too irresistible.

I sat down in a lovely shady part of the garden, with my little picnic morning tea. 

Hmmmmm....a whole day....brand new sketchbookbook....bliss.

As soon as I cracked it open, the first signature fell out.  Unbelievable.  So back inside I went and stuck it all back together with masking tape.  Then just for good measure (and to cheer myself up) I reinforced it with a bit of washi. Now I had a funky little landscape sketchbook.

Back to the garden.

The ants have attacked my banana.  

Change location, get another banana.

Ok.  Here we go.  Painting in the garden.  Goody gum drops.  What luxury.  

Sketching is not my fave.  I usually hurry through that bit so that I can get to the watercolour bit.  But the paper didn't take water very well at all.  It was like working on blotting paper.  The faster I worked, the faster the paper sucked.  The more water I slopped around, the more my little book behaved like a buffalo at a keg party.  Not that I've ever been to a keg party.

I gave up about half way through.

Episode two to be advised.

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