Monday, 8 September 2014

Handmade wardrobe progress.

My personal challenge to op shop, up-cycle or hand make every item I purchase to wear for twelve months is not going too well.  So far I've created one pair of knickers and one sock.  I either have to get a wriggle on....or wash every evening and hop.

Don't ask me how I could possibly forget how to start the second sock.  I've got the instructions.  I even wrote them out myself in plain language so that I would easily understand.  I've undone and re-knitted the second sock three times so far. I keep ending up with a very very pointy toe, suitable only for a 60's style stiletto shoe.  God give me strength......

I am pretty excited about my new pattern drafting ruler arriving though.  Once I get a handle on how to 'drive' it, I'm sure that everything I make is actually going to fit.  Goody.  

I cracked open the parcel on the weekend and gave it a whirl.
I decided not to use calico to make the first 'muslin'.  I'm too clever for that.  Let's just cut to the chase and make the dress straight away shall we?!  I felt so smug wandering through Spotlight choosing fabric for my new dress with a big wad of 'heavy duty tracing vilene' clamped under my I knew what I was doing.

So far so good.

Look at those looks so professional...what a girl!

Now to cut out my dress.  I'm so in love with the funky fabric.

Woops.  I didn't buy enough fabric....whaaaat?!! 

The hemline of this dress is going to be up to my crackola!


So with my tail between my legs and my shoulders hunched, I slunk off to the op-shop and bought a doona cover for eight bucks to practice with first.

I still refused to buy calico to make the 'muslin'....what is with that stubborn streak?  Drives me mental.  

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