Friday, 2 January 2015

Celebrating the closure of another awesome year.

As the end of another year crept up on us we decided to celebrate Christmas at one of our favourite locations.  So off to Horrock's Beach we went, with a camper crammed full of Christmas goodies, chocolates, champagne, fruit mince pies, beach towels, sun cream and mozzie spray.

Our special day was spent with family and long time dear friends, drinking, eating, swimming, laughing, and trying to beat those dumper waves whilst launching our kayaks.  Somebody has bruises on their backside as evidence of gross failure....not that anyone is ever going to see that!

Our evenings were spent playing games, soothing sunburn, discovering new drink combinations, telling stupid jokes, trying not to burn the barbeque food or smoke out the campsite and of course planning our 'get the best spot on the beach' strategy for the following day.

Our New Year's eve was spent  with old friends.......

......and as the clock ticked over to 2015, we wished for each other a year full of love, laughter, kindness, friendship, happiness and peace.

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