Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dress muslin....episode four.

I've been continuing to fiddle around with my new (or not so new any more) pattern drafting ruler.

The one thing a good and conscientious seamstress must do after drafting one's own pattern apparently, is to make a muslin to check the fit.  With my usual 'what a load of codswallop' attitude, I skipped that part, deciding I was too clever to be wasting that much time.

Fail number one.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I miscalculated the fabric requirement for the first masterpiece.

On to attempt number two.  

This time I bought a doona cover from the op-shop to experiment with.  Goody gum drops - a dress for eight bucks!

Here we go.  Muslin success, sort of.  I used the doona lining to make the muslin and I'm holding it closed at the back, as I wasn't going to waste a good zipper on a muslin.  

Hmmmm.  Looks like  pretty good fit.  Very professional looking model too.

Dress number three.  This time with a redesigned boat neck, zipper and facings.  

It actually fitted (surprise surprise) but was a little bit 'gapey' around the front armhole.  I thought "Oh she'll be right...I'll just whip it in a bit at the side."  

Now it's too tight across the bust.  However I have no gape.  No gape but can't breathe.  Great.

Here I'm trying not to breathe, while smiling as though I don't have a care in the world.....and secretly wondering if I'll need my puffer after I extricate myself from this extraordinarily well fitting doona cover.

Between my last dress made out of curtain fabric and this one from a doona.....I'm beginning to feel like one of the von Trapps.


Emma - a simple living journey said...

Hahaha! You sew like me! Slowly but painfully I'm learning that stage at the beginning that I usually dismiss really does matter after all....after plenty of trial and error and a little cussing. ;)

You make a wonderful vontrapp! ;) xx

Fran Ponta said...

Ha ha! Things are bound to improve with practice....I hope! Thanks for dropping by Emma. x