Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Rainy Sunday Fabric Stash.

Before deciding what fabrics to use for my next project, I thought it would be very wise to have a bit of a fabric stash sort out, so I actually knew what I had.  I found lengths of fabric in my wardrobe, my husband's chest of drawers,  under the bed in Spotlight bags, out in the shed in plastic tubs, stuffed into the corner of my pattern drawer, rolled up and tucked into the knitting basket, snuggled next to my Winter boots, balancing in a precarious pile behind my nighties and believe it or not, in the actual 'fabric drawer'......what, only one drawer for fabrics?  Pfffft.

I'm sure there's still more hidden away ready to surprise me with a springy pop of colour when I'm least expecting it.

Here's where I'm at so far.  All lengths sorted, labelled and perfectly bagged, ready to go out to the shed....where all things spidery and creepy dwell. 

What an organised little seamstress I am.

I have soooo many beautiful batik sarong lengths that I've bought in Bali.  They look deceivingly narrow to me now so I guess it's wishful thinking that I would get a dress from each one.  Maybe I'll just have to learn to stand up straight.....and take ladylike pixie steps. 

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