Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The 'Rosie' Skirt.

This is the third but probably not last of my skirt drafting explorations, the 'Rosie' skirt.  This one has a waistband and a side button closure and is made out of faux suede which was a new fabric for me to try, and just a bit of fun.

Unfortunately the side button closure wasn't a long enough opening for me to get into the skirt comfortably so it's also got a centre back invisible zipper......and I thought I had no butt!

One of my most favourite things in life is taking delayed timer selfies.  Truly.  

To get the camera to focus, I have to first set up my dressmaker's mannequin 'Florence' into position, then during the ten second delay before the camera takes a shot, I have to fling her on the bed out of sight and jump into the frame.....all while looking as though I'm having the time of my life.  

Oh I just love it. 

Woops, bit too slow.

Back up a bit Nellie.

Ok, now smile.

That's it....almost.

Next time breathe in.

(There has to be an easier way).


Nanna Chel said...

Ha ha Fran, that made my day :-) Love the skirt and am glad you can get into it comfortably. Good job.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

You pose like a model!
The skirt is beautiful. I love skirts that are not too long or too short.

Fran Ponta said...

Thanks Nil and Nanna Chel. I'm learning lots about pattern drafting.....but not too much about modelling or photo shoots! Haha.

Meg Hopeful said...

I don't like taking photos of myself at all, I post clothes I sew without me in them if I can. Shy, I know! Your skirts all look good. I have pieces cut out to make a skirt with pockets in a light denim fabric. It will be my first go with pockets and with a back piece of elastic. Meg:)

Fran Ponta said...

You did such a great job with your skirt Meg. Go you! (And you look great wearing it too). :)

RobynLouise said... brought a smile to my face as I dislike "selfies"!

Fran Ponta said...

It's totally painful isn't it RobynLouise? I do love to see other people wearing their makes though so I'm determined to persevere!