Sunday, 18 December 2011

Only a week to go!

Christmas is only one week away.  I'm so excited.  We have been busy planning, wrapping, cooking and preparing. Our tree looks just gorgeous and little gifts are magically starting to appear underneath.

Our faithful lights are putting on another sparkling show for us.

These shots are so grainy - obviously still doing something wrong.  Oh well that's ok.....I happen to know there's a new camera lying round here somewhere!

My daughter has been baking scrumptious gingerbread.
There was a little bit of mixture left over so she made some yummy cookies........all crunchy on the outside and soft & warm on the inside.  I couldn't leave them alone.........then she hid them.

Everyone is happy.  Even our little old dog is smiling.  No that is not a crooked tooth.......that's her happy face!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaa "and then she hid them"!!! what a spoilsport! Merry Christmas Fran - your tree is beautiful by the way :) sue

Fran Ponta said...

Thanks Sue! I can't wait till we get to eat the REAL gingerbread house. Merry Christmas to you and yours too.