Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home again from Coral Bay

Coral Bay is so restorative.  Each time I visit I seem to be endowed with the ability to see the world anew.  On the solitude of the beaches, especially at dawn and at dusk, I learn once again to listen and to live quietly and with peace.  I always come back home with an increased sense of 'connectedness' (or something!) and a renewed aim to tread more gently upon the earth.
Pretty deep for a Wednesday huh?

Trying to get a peaceful distance shot of the 'fam' having a game of volleyball at dusk.  I didn't notice until afterwards that this is probably also the only chance I'll ever have at long tall thin legs.

I got up before sunrise and traipsed all the way to 'dog hill', climbed to the top with my camera, tripod and all the associated crap to get a photo of the dog graves at dawn.  When I finally got to the top, there was a pommie tourist, wearing a cowboy hat, you believe it?  I could have slept in!  
(I pretended I didn't speak English).

Ya reckon?  

You would feel renewed too if you went on holidays with this lot wouldn't you?  Go on, admit it!

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