Monday, 30 April 2012

Sketchbook - Limited Edition

I've been working on another Sketchbook for the Art House Co-op.  This one is for a Limited Edition Project. You can read all about The Limited Edition Project here.

My theme for this sketchbook is 'Thread and Surface'.  I've used heat transfer dyes and plants from my garden to create tiny little textile pieces with nature images, which I've then stitched into the journal.  It's plain, simple and gentle (well that's what I think) and I like it.........strange but true!

Every contributor to the Limited Edition will be included in a series of art books documenting the project, with at least one spread published!  This fact alone made me sooooo nervous that I couldn't sketch (big scary case of stage fright) and decided to do little textile pieces instead.  In fact the whole project got thrown into the rubbish bin, and pulled out again later......twice.  Why on earth I carry on so much is beyond me.  What a drama queen.

The finished project had to be postmarked by today.  So another little sketchbook has begun its journey across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, all snuggled up in brown paper, bits of string and warm cosy bubble wrap.......see I knew all that bubble wrap I've been collecting would come in handy.

Here are some of the pages................

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