Sunday, 20 May 2012

Green Smoothie in the Thermomix

Sunday morning.  Time to get healthy.  

My super healthy green smoothie had a few 'crunchy bits' in it this morning.   Honestly, it was just dreadful, completely undrinkable.  I couldn't figure it out.  Finally I decided that the new container of Super Greens I bought from the health food shop was to blame.  Brand new container this morning too....."Hmmph....that's what you get for supporting a local business" I thought to myself.  Well I'm going to sort this out.  I'll take it back first thing Monday. Off I went to the wheelie bin to find my receipt, which took quite a bit of doing (I also salvaged a cool pair of shoes I was going to throw out).  While I was packing up the smoothie with it's crumpled receipt, it occurred to me that maybe I had inadvertently 'thermomixed' the little white plastic thingy that keeps the powder fresh, and that's what all the crunchy bits were?  Oh how embarrassing.  But on further investigation, the little white thingy was still in the container.  Oh well....just a thought.

Before I take the powder back, might as well make one more smoothie out of it.  After all, the rest of the powder looked quite alright.  Go figure.  Besides I decided I needed the super greens since I had worked myself into such a frenzy looking for that one little receipt.  So into the Thermomix went a banana, a peeled mandarin, handful of strawberries, (oh yummy) green powder, egg.....then I realised.......OMG......where is the plastic tablespoon I measured the honey with???????  
The last time I saw it, it was resting on the blade of the thermo to drain off the honey.......  

What an amazing machine, it can make a smoothie out of ANYTHING.  

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