Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Raggy Quilt

Recently a couple of friends and I got together to make a 'raggy quilt' for another friend who is expecting her first babe.  None of us had ever made a raggy quilt before, but after receiving expert instructions from a girlfriend who has made several (yes you read that right),  we were a full bottle on how to go about it.  

Nobody told us we'd all end up with RSI from snipping the seams.  I thought I had sore muscles when I was thrown out of my kayak (three times....yep....THREE) in choppy water recently......but that was nothing compared to this. Sore butt muscles generally mean the 'pole vault stance' when going to the loo, but a raggy quilt means not even being able to hold onto the toilet paper!

She loved it so it was worth the pain.

Not sure about the 'Triple Tartlets' name though.  We have the 'Jam Tarts' in Geraldton and now also the 'Arty Tarts' in Northampton.  Might have to rethink our name.  


Samantha Freestone. said...

My mum made me one when I moved to Sydney. Now Juddy uses it as his blanket. They are the BEST.

Fran Ponta said...

I remember seeing that quilt! I thought your mum was soooo clever. (Now I think I am).