Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Home from Lombok and Bali

We have just returned from a short family holiday in Lombok and Bali.  Lombok is such a serene paradise, full of gentle natured happy people...always smiling and laughing. Can't wait to go back.

Each morning the sand was flattened out - ready for new footprints.

We hired scooters to get to a little town called Gerupuk (sp?) where we then hired an outrigger and 'captain' to get the boys out to a well known and recommended surf location.....to capture the perfect wave.

Leaving Gerupuk on the outrigger, and hoping our non-English speaking 'captain' knew where the famous surf that we'd heard so much about was.  (And secretly praying that the waves weren't going to tip us out).

Waiting for the boys to get that elusive perfect wave.  We couldn't get a very good shot as we were behind the waves.

One buggered husband making his way back during a lull in the surf.

Going for a walk along the village of Gerupuk while waiting for the boys to get back from the surf.  Oh yes, it's all about the surf.......not a shop in sight....and believe me, we looked.

I was trying to buy a tablecloth.........nooooo that's not quite big enough.
These ladies were just delightful.  They even shared the money from their sales with each other.  How many Aussies would do that?

The local travel agent.

And the local surf shop....where you  could hire a board or buy a Bintang.

The view from the little 'cafe' attached to the surf shop, where we had one (or two) nice cold Bintangs.

Some things just amuse girls more....like this.....

and this.....the palm trees were decorated with palm fronds and fresh hibiscus flowers, just beautiful.

Once again, the sun sets on beautiful Lombok.  There is just no holding back time.....hmmmm....now where's my plane ticket to Bali....did I hear someone say shopping????

Goodbye Lombok, hello Bali.

More surfing?  You're kidding!

At least our time on the beach was spent in good company........laughing & happy.....and with just the perfect amount of Bintang!

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