Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Screen Printing

I've been learning about screen printing at Tafe.  I thought it would be as boring as batshit but I'm just loving it. Generally I'm not too keen on learning anything that can't be repeated or followed up at home (which this can't be really...well not without a bit of effort and a makeshift darkroom) but the idea of repeat printing a length of fabric just makes my mouth water.  Okay I have no life.

The silk screen ready to print with.  This was supposed to be my rough design, but I liked the way it turned out (not too contrived) and decided to just 'go with it'.

A length of pre-printed purchased (say that fast) grey spotty fabric, screen printed with my design.  Sooooo exciting! I've also printed the same design onto paper and other pieces of fabric, but love the grey one.  It inspires me to sew.....I just have to make something with this.  Watch this space.

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