Saturday, 30 June 2012

Art on Show

We had our Art Exhibition at Tafe last night.  Guess who forgot the camera?  I don't know what to write without any photos to prompt me.  

The good news is that there were heaps of people, the food was snaffled in no time and everyone was wandering about with glasses of wine, mingling, chatting,  laughing and happy.  A great atmosphere.  I even had to wait for a while for people to 'thin out' a bit so I could get a good look at some of the work.  Honestly, I was so worried that there wouldn't be enough artwork for an exhibition, but the lecturers (and very capable assistants!) did such a fantastic job of choosing work and setting it all up.  The life drawings  were 'mounted' in large cardboard boxes with lights behind them filling one complete wall, and a continual rotating slide show of shots by the photography class was shown in the same darkened room.  In total the exhibition filled three studios of the art department.
Yay for Art, Tafe  (or perhaps I should say the Durack Institute of Technology) and the amazing fortitude, diplomacy and positive attitude of the lecturers.  You guys rock.

I loved the speech too.....all about the reasons for Art.  I think I'll ask ask if I can have a copy to keep with my journal for this Semester.  Very moving.  I wonder if the powers that know....the bean counters, were as moved as I was.  I hope so.  But then I'm such a stupid sooky-la-la.

Ok we've just come home from the big exhibition pack up and clean up.  We took a couple of shots of my work as we were packing away........

One of my framed textiles.  The coloured dots are used to choose the 'viewer's choice' award.  Each person at the exhibition chooses their favourite work and puts a coloured dot on it.  This work had 10 dots, and the winner of the night had 20 dots.  The prize was a $250 Jackson's Voucher.
(That's my fat stripey butt in the mirror).

A shot of most of my other textile pieces that were included in the exhibition.  The slippers on the left had one dot and the green cloche hat had about five I think.  And the famous 'out there' skirt had a couple of dots too thank you very somebody liked it!

Not the best photos in the harsh light of day, but just taken quickly while we were packing away.  Well that's my excuse.


Anonymous said...

Really wish I had been able to be there. I'm hearing some pretty amazing stories of the night - the way it was set up, performance bits, really sounds great. Your work looks beautiful Fran as always! Well done, Sue
ps - and not a sign of a lamb shank anywhere!!! hahaha

Fran Ponta said...

Thanks Sue! It was just great to see the Art Department so alive again.
(I have an interview with the lecturers tomorrow about the Cert there might be a bit of lamb-shanking going on next semester!)