Thursday, 9 May 2013

Another journal completed.

Another journal has been filled to overflowing.

This is the journal that I've been using to document the 'Summer of 2012'  The poor thing is bit worse for wear because it's travelled along with us to Lucky Bay over Christmas and then to Coral Bay for our camping trip in April....and everywhere else in between.  Lots of sand in the cracks!  The coptic binding handled really well though and allowed me to have the journal lying flat to work in.  I waxed my own thread for this one.  That was the day I knocked my glass of wine over and ended up having to replace my laptop..........a lesson learned the hard way.  (So does that mean if I buy my waxed thread I can still enjoy a glass of!)

Here's a couple of pages........

Just a couple of quick watercolour sketches while we were up the beach. I really don't know why I even try to capture the colours of the ocean.  I never can.  Maybe I need to buy more paints?  Any excuse!

I love this seaweed.  It has little bobbly things that are such fun to pop.  Keeps me entertained in my own little world for ages.  Yes I know......small things.

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