Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tip Jar Thursdays.

I'm famous.  Well not really.  Okay, maybe in my family only?

A little while back following one of my submissions to 'The Sketchbook Project' I was invited by the Art House Co-op to put together a tutorial on the method I used to transfer plant images on to fabric using heat transfer inks.  I felt honoured, overwhelmed, excited, humbled, incredulous and very nervous all at the same time!  To think that people all the way from the Brooklyn Art Library in New York thought my work was worthy of a tutorial.............really? ("Really" is not what I said at the time).

It was quite a challenge (major understatement) for me to get my brain around putting together both text and images in the format required, but I got there in the end!

The tutorial was due to be published on the Art House Co-op site the exact same morning that we were going away camping, (I couldn't believe it) and as  Brooklyn New York is about twelve hours behind Western Australia, we were long gone and I had to wait until we came back from our trip to see it.

It was a long few weeks wait but so exciting to see my work published!  (You can have a look at the whole tutorial on the Art House Co-op site here).

Just in case you missed it, I blogged about two of my Sketchbook Project submissions here and here and if you'd like to participate in one of the many different projects yourself, you can find out all about the Art House Co-op here.

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