Thursday, 30 October 2014

The birds are back.

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful little sixteen year old Jack Russell 'Coco' a few weeks ago.  I'll do a blog post about her in time, but not just yet.

When Coco was in her 'hey-day', playing games with the birds was an all day event.  She didn't really bother too much about the Doves because they didn't steal her biscuits, but the Pee-Wees....OMG....the game was ON!  They used to steal biscuits from her bowl, land on the clothesline and tease her incessantly.  
Very entertaining and so much fun for both her and us.

Towards the end of her life, Coco wasn't able to run around very much, so the birds started to slowly return to our garden.  After we said goodbye to her, I thought maybe I'd like to try and encourage the birds back in full force.  Create a bit of a nature sanctuary.  Good idea.  

I bought a bird bath and have been reading up how to have a 'bird friendly' garden.  We now have quite a lot of bird-life including a gorgeous bright blue Kingfisher (I think?) who lands on the pool fence each morning and seems to be making himself right at home.  I've even been getting up just prior to sunrise to watch and listen to the birds.
I know, pathetic, right?

However, I think I might have made a big mistake.

I do believe the birds are still having the last laugh.  They are eating the next door neighbour's mulberries and then flying into our back porch and doing great big bright purple splatty poops.  They are pooping on my beautiful one thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets out on the clothesline.  They are pooping in the bird bath instead of bathing in it (honestly, who would poop in their own bath water?) 

I might have to borrow my other next door neighbour's dog Obie.  He just loves birds.  I know this to be true because his yard is strewn with feathers, while my yard is strewn with purple poop.

He has a very 'go-get-em' attitude doesn't he?!

Oh...I just had a thought.  (It does happen on occasion).

Maybe the purple poop will yield a beautiful new mulberry tree?

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